Cuernavaca, Mexico



We’re excited to be abandoning the beach for part of this trip to Mexico to visit Cuernavaca, the City of Eternal Spring, founded seven centuries ago. This will be a very different view of the country for us. And the joke of the t-shirt? vaca = cow Lonely Planet: There’s always been a formidable glamour surrounding Cuernavaca (kwehr-nah-vah-kah), the capital of Morelos state. With its vast, gated haciendas and sprawling estates, it has traditionally attracted high-society visitors year-round for its warmth, clean air and attractive architecture. palace cuernavaca   Read more here:

Merry Christmas from Westjet

WESTJET WAS FOUNDED in 1996. With three aircraft, five distinations and a philosophy of “just because you pay less for your flight, doesn’t mean you should get less” has grown to a staff of 9,700 flying to eighty-eight destinations and is now Canada’s preferred airline.

My family and I have flown with Westjet often and always encounter friendly, courteous staff and efficient service.

Now, here’s the perfect corporate donation and yet another reason to love Westjet.