From bottom to top

Sitting under the palm tree, this is what I see.


Looking up, this is what I see.


And, no, I do not want one of those coconuts to fall on my head!


Joys of Tropical Paradise



Those of us living in northern climes long for the joys of tropical paradise. We escape the cold and snow for a couple of weeks of sun and sand down south. The beaches lure us, the beer refreshes us, the music warms us, the sun burns us—and we’re happy.

But, the reality of tropical climate doesn’t affect us unless we spend time during the “off season.”

Then it’s:

Rust – all metal suffers, from the inside of the dryer to the bike, the car, the braces holding the air conditioner or the satellite dish….

Painting – over and over and over again each year as the humidity bubbles and peels and wears the best paint job away.

Rain – washing away the garden, pouring through the best sealed doors and windows, leaking through the roof, saturating the concrete walls….

Floods – rather not talk about those. Fish swimming in the back yard isn’t exactly desirable.

Replacing – televisions with screens spotted by moisture, furniture ruined by humidity and flooding….

Bugs – and more bugs—cockroaches, scorpions, frogs, crabs….

I love my holiday time in the tropics, but for the rest of the year I promise to appreciate fully life in Canada.