Out with the old, in with the OXXO

Just the other day, this corner was home to several little shops.


“What’s going to be built here?” I ask one of the workers.

“An OXXO,” he says,

What’s an OXXO, you ask.

It’s the ubiquitis convenience store found in Mexico. Our little area (population approximately. 20,000)  has at least 10 (at last count). For good measure there is one on the highway at the corner nearest our end of town, one at each of the three service stations along the highway, with the remainder dotting the streets in town often with little more than a block between them.



It’s the rainy season. How can you tell?

1. You lose your Internet connection and satellite TV at 8:42 pm.

2. Your pool is over full and has to be drained every morning.



3. You have to skim off all the bugs before your morning swim.

4. The tiles that were clean yesterday have acquired dirt – washed down from the air?



5. You have to wend your way through puddles in the streets on your way to breakfast.


6. Insects, frogs, and crabs proliferate and the cats seek refuge on your bed.

7. On the plus side the humidity is so high your wrinkles dissapper. If only you could bottle this stuff.




Live & Learn

A Nigerian man holds his baby on their way to Italy after being rescued by the Spanish aid organization Proactiva Open Arms on the Mediterranean Sea. The organization on Thursday rescued more than 600 migrants who were attempting the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in packed boats from Libya. (Emilio Morenatti, AP, wsj.com, June 16, 2017)

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This picture could have come from the pages of my latest novel – Whispers Under the Baobab. http://ow.ly/RDJk30bKCSh

Live & Learn


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More art in unusual places – Victoria, BC

These were found under the overpasses on the Galloping Goose Trail – for more about this hiking / walking / biking trail see Here

Under the overpass – one


IMG_20170322_092549253      IMG_20170322_092601941         IMG_20170322_092606384

Under the overpass – two

IMG_20170323_091528931            IMG_20170323_091412151_HDR                                      IMG_20170323_091456585

Book Reviews & WHY They Matter

🌼Colleen Chesebro Fairy Whisperer 🌼

As an avid reader, I have spent the last few years reviewing books on my blog and on other websites that help to promote Indy Authors. It has been an honor to read and review over one hundred and forty books in the last couple of years.

There are several reasons why I engaged in the review process:

  1. Writing a review has been my way of saying thank you to the author. Writing a book is a long and detailed process, and as an author, I know how much work I put into my own writing. I can think of no better way to let an author know that I appreciated all the hard work they put into writing a novel other than helping to spread the word of their success.
  2. My reviews contributed to spreading the word to other readers about authors and books that I enjoyed. I have…

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