Menopause Attacks Husband


car ny

She walked into the office for her performance review. “Is it hot in here, boss? Or am I menopausal again?”

He laughed. “That reminds me,” he said. “Friends were over for dinner the other night. Tom told us that he woke up one morning with his face wet and cold. Sure he was dying of some rare and, as yet unknown, disease; he collapsed back on the pillow in despair.”

That didn’t sound good, but the boss had laughed. She knew him to be a kind and considerate man. Surely he hadn’t kept a sarcastic callous side hidden all these years.

“What on earth was it?” she asked.

“His wife is menopausal and had left the window on his side of the bed open. During the storm that night, snow blew in the window and melted on his face.”

When she finished laughing, he asked, “Would you like me to turn down the heat?”

“Yes, please.”

“Oh, by the way,” he said. “Please tell me the bedroom window is on your side of the bed.”

She nodded.



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