New Traditions

We’ve been coming to Mexico for several years now and have adapted our Christmas traditions accordingly.

Christmas Eve:

We gather around the pool with our Mexican friends and family. Of course we have a piñata filled with Mexican candy. The children take turns whacking it, starting with the littlest. For added drama the older kids are blindfolded and spun around a couple of times before they are allowed to try hitting the piñata. All of this is accompanied by hoots and shouts of encouragement. For a touch of Canada, we bring little tubes of icing and gingerbread men cookies for the kids to decorate.

Christmas Day:

We again gather around the pool, this time with Canadian friends and family. My husband cooks a turkey on the barbecue. I make a cabbage salad. The cranberry sauce and gravy mix come with us from home, although I may not have to cart them here in the future as I noticed the other day that more and more of these specialty items are now available at Wal-Mart in Puerto Vallarta. We also bake my mother’s favourite cookies—shortbread and date balls—at home the day before we leave and bring them along. Why don’t we bake here? We tried a couple of times, but cookie dough, shortbread in particular, does not mix well with the heat and humidity. We do manage unbaked brownies though, for the requisite touch of chocolate.

And it’s a Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad to all, and to all a Happy New Year!