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Walking Cross-Town. With Labels.

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It’s Valentines and love is in the air – should it be in novels too?


Valentine’s Day and love is in the air—and in my books. I couldn’t imagine writing a novel without a love story and at least a bit of hot sex. But love in my books also includes love of family and friends, of life and laughter, and of fellow man.

Love prompts our characters to do many things, to experience a range of emotions that sometimes (often?) takes them down the wrong path. But then that’s good in a book, right?—builds tension, creates suspense, keeps us reading.

In my Em and Yves series, to underscore the action, I created a love triangle, between the heroine, the alien controlling her, and her human lover. Sparks fly, jealousy reigns, emotions run high and play havoc with the story line. In fact it takes four books to sort it all out and yes, there is a happy ending for isn’t that what all love stories deserve?

When the Sun was Mine is a story of love between two strangers; an old lady, who may or may not have Alzheimer’s, and a young girl just graduated from high school. Circumstance brings them together, initial skepticism and fear grow to respect and liking and love, and they offer each other more than they would have thought possible. Yes, the story has its sex bits too.

Mali to Mexico and Points In Between, a collection of short snippets from my life, shows how important people are to each other, and how they, and travel, broaden our perspectives of the world adding deeper dimensions to our love of life.

Happy reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!

But, wait — there’s more! Here are more great reads from my friend and writing partner, Anneli Purchase.

Unrequited love reigns in the love triangle in Julia’s Violinist. Being “Torn between two lovers” is as heartwrenching for the reader as it is for Julia. Add the setting of postwar Europe with events that will have you thinking about them long after you’ve finished the book, and you have the ingredients for a great read.

Another kind of love develops in The Wind Weeps. Here we have the misguided love between Andrea and the handsome Robert, whose attentions take an ominous twist. You’ll find yourself wondering how Andrea ever could have thought this was love. But is love that turns into manic obsession really love?

Then we have the love that happens by the slimmest of chances. Perhaps it came about because of the alignment of the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the beach that day, as seems to be the case in Orion’s Gift when Sylvia meets Kevin in a Baja campground. Can a love, that happens purely by chance, withstand the test of time? Can it survive when their former lovers are on a “search and destroy” mission?




EMBROILED – Em and Yves series – the conclusion


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Em and Yves – the story concludes in EMBROILED


BLURB I had this insane urge to go “up there,” a yearning so strong that I couldn’t function. Dr. David even tried hypnosis.

Then he came, claiming to be my soulmate from another world. Why does my heart melt at the mere thought of him? Me in love with an alien? Yeah, sure, that makes sense.

Now I’m “up here” in his perfect heaven of a world—learning jiu-jitsu, making new friends, falling in love. Only there’s deception in the ranks, plots, and great danger in this other world. No one sees it but me. Do I love him enough to give up everything and stay with him? If I can I save him, that is.

Heaven and Earth, gods and monsters … is this Emily’s last chance for love? What will her decision be?




He was waiting for her outside David’s office—Pretty Boy. Emily froze, took a half step back, then another.

He held his hand out to her. “Hello, Em.”

Oh, God. She shivered as his voice seemed to roll over and through her. And again, he used the diminutive of her name that she hated so much. But when he said it … it sounded like love in its purest form. Why? How could this stranger possibly love her? How could he have such an effect on her? And why did she want so much for it to be true?

Her stomach churned. She swallowed bile. Was she that afraid of him? That afraid of what he might mean to her? Her only defense against the fear was anger. Her muscles quivered and her heart pounded. She undid three buttons of her coat, pulled off her scarf, and fanned her face. I’m much too young for hot flashes. She planted her feet and lifted her chin. “It’s Emily.”

With her lips pressed together, Emily shouldered past him and strode down the street, back stiff, fists clenched at her sides. Her bag slid off her shoulder. “Damn!” She paused, mid-stride and stooped to pick it up. He was faster.

She turned and saw him holding her purse in his hands as if it were a fragile heirloom. Without meeting his gaze she reached towards him to retrieve it, but just as her fingers touched it she let her hand drop to her side. She raised her eyes to his face. His stare seemed to penetrate through her. First his voice and now this. Jeez, what was it about this guy?

Emily took a deep breath. “Who are you?”

“My name is Yves.”

“You already told me that.”

Yves chewed his lower lip. “I’m the man waiting for you under the ice.”

Emily screamed—a primal sound that couldn’t possibly have come from her. She snatched her purse from his hand and bolted, glancing back only once to see that he was not following her, but she didn’t slow down. She had to get away. As far away as possible. Blinded by her tears, she ran until her chest hurt.