Electronic gadgets – how many is too many?




2 televisions

2 cameras (never used)

3 iPads

3 cell phones

2 laptops

1 PC desktop

1 DVD player

2 Kindles

1 Paperwhite


Total: 18



2 Grandparents

1 Mom

1 Child








Total: 4

Gadgets win by a landslide. Hardly seems fair. Do we really need that many? I don’t think so, but I know I wouldn’t want to be without my PC, my cellphone, and my Paperwhite. I use all three daily.

We really should reduce our electronic footprint. Looking at this list, I think we could easily cut it down to 6. No, wait a minute, make that 8. Whoops, I forgot the GPS and my Paperwhite—oh, and the printer, which isn’t in the list but probably should be. Still, we could easily cut it down to 10 or possibly 12—I think.

Are you buried in electronic gadgets too? Could you … would you be able to cut down?