Voyage of Dreams – Ariel Lawhon

Flight of Dreams: A Novel

Wow! Just wow! Lawhon has brought the story of the Hindenburg’s last flight to life in a stunning creation. Based on the actual passengers and crew on board, she has woven a beautiful portrayal of passion and intrigue in her creative imagining of what could have happened before the enormous airship burst into flames just as it landed in the US.

There is nothing in Lawhom’s story that rings false likely because of her intensive research about the Hindenburg itself as well as the bits and pieces of information that she could find about the passengers and crew.

One small complaint. I wish they hadn’t put a picture of Emilie on the cover. I prefer my own version of what she looked like and it’s nothing like the picture they chose.


On the evening of May 3rd, 1937, ninety-seven people board the Hindenburg for its final, doomed flight to Lakehurst, New Jersey. Among them are a frightened stewardess who is not what she seems; the steadfast navigator determined to win her heart; a naive cabin boy eager to earn a permanent spot on the world’s largest airship; an impetuous journalist who has been blacklisted in her native Germany; and an enigmatic American businessman with a score to settle. Over the course of three hazy, champagne-soaked days their lies, fears, agendas, and hopes for the future are revealed.

Flight of Dreams is a fiercely intimate portrait of the real people on board the last flight of the Hindenburg. Behind them is the gathering storm in Europe and before them is looming disaster. But for the moment they float over the Atlantic, unaware of the inexorable, tragic fate that awaits them.

Brilliantly exploring one of the most enduring mysteries of the twentieth century, Flight of Dreams is that rare novel with spellbinding plotting that keeps you guessing till the last page and breathtaking emotional intensity that stays with you long after.

4 comments on “Voyage of Dreams – Ariel Lawhon

  1. Sounds fascinating! I agree, I don’t like pictures of people on covers either. That’s why there are no pictures of Amanda on my books. Sometimes children draw pictures of Amanda and send them to me. They always look like how I imagined her.

  2. Lousy cover, that one, you’re right. The original cover is MUCH better. I adore Lawhon and have read all her books. This was my favorite until her last one, which I think edged it out a tiny bit. Did you read anything else by her? The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress was her first and also fantastic, as was I Was Anastasia, and then… Code Name Helene… oh my!

  3. Davida, this is the first of her books for me, but I will definitely be reading more. Code Name Helene is already on my list after reading your review. Now I have to try to find a picture of the original cover. Pause while I look. Found it! The original is a million times better.

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