An OMG kind of day.

Left home at 8:20 for a 9:00 am appointment as the doc’s office was at the other end of town (practically half way to Alaska!). I had, wisely, checked Google maps and written out detailed driving directions the night before.
Followed directions and took exit 14, went past Costco and ended up headed back to the highway so turned around. Back at Costco corner, turned the other direction. Went up a mountain. Finally found a place to turn around. Went down a mountain. Stopped and called the doc’s office. Followed directions and drove past Costco. Ended up on the highway going back downtown (where I live). Turned around and found a service station to ask for help. Followed directions. Turned where they said to turn and ended up in a forest.
Called Doc’s office again. “NO! Don’t put me on hold. I’m still lost!”
Found a place to turn around. Followed receptionist’s directions. Ended up back at service station. Asked for directions again. Followed directions and ended up at Costco. Asked a bunch of Costco workers on their break out back for help. Said I needed to find Mr. Mike’s Restaurant (was told by doc’s office that they were across from Mr. Mike’s). Costco staff gave detailed specific directions. “Go past the condo buildings and turn in the driveway on your left.”
Followed directions. Et, voila! Mr. Mike’s. A brown building blending in with all the construction around it and a huge tree in front blocking the brown sign. Saw Doc’s office fronting the parking lot–so convenient for spotting from the street.
Time 9:28 am. Entered office and said, “I’m here. Don’t know if I want to cry or swear. Which would you prefer listening to?”
Turned out they didn’t want to hear either so I took several deep breaths, saw the doctor, and then motored on only to miss a crucial turn for my next appointment. Arrrgh!

6 comments on “An OMG kind of day.

  1. I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t just use Google Maps as your driving. The first thing I do when I get in my car is put my phone on the phone holder, plug it in to the USB so it can charge while I’m driving, pull up Google Maps and plug in my destination, and off I go. I don’t go anywhere without Google Maps telling me where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

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