Discovering Jesse Stone

We have just discovered—and  fallen in love with—the Jesse Stone movies.

Do not ask where we’ve been all this time. But, thank you for asking why we like them so much.

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Big city (LA) cop (who drinks too much) is now police chief in small town Massachusetts. The wonderful, laconic Tom Selleck (we’ve been fans for years) stars as Jesse Stone.  At first glance, nothing much happens. Just like the British shows we enjoy, we are not subjected to car chases, or scenes splattered with blood and gore even though there are some killings, or young over-confident know-it-all police officers…. Uneventful as the movies seem, we can’t stop watching because we simply must  know how it will all turn out. Plus, it’s a delight to see the subtle changes in Jesse’s character as the personalities, caring nature, and moral values of those he works with influence him and vice-versa, for his colleagues learn much from the seasoned cop.

In short, watching the movies is like reading a book. The slow pace allows time to savor the character development, the story, and the brilliant script writing.

Did I mention reading? The movie series is based on the Jesse Stone books written by Robert B. Parker. Normally, I would read the books and skip the movies, but with sincere apologies to Mr. Parker, this time I will watch the movies and skip the books. Besides, Mr. Selleck is always so easy on the eyes.

Night Passage (Jesse Stone Novels Book 1) by [Parker, Robert B.]


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