The Josephine B. Trilogy by [Gulland, Sandra]

What is it about some books that demand our time, that demand we read and read until we can’t keep our eyes open any longer?

I read a broad variety of genres, enjoy many writing styles, the works of authors from many countries and, because the books I read are so varied, I’ve never found a definitive answer.

Whatever the magic, whatever the lure of this book or that, I feel compelled to make suggestions and recommendations to fellow readers.

The Josephine B Trilogy, written exclusively in diary entry format, is high on my list of must reads. The entries, sometimes curt, reveal an intriguing woman as well as a fascinating look at Napoleon–one of history’s greatest.

Of her trilogy, which took her 10 years to write, Gulland says, “In fact, Josephine did not keep a journal. I think if she had, I would have had a hard time writing a fictional journal for her. Most every biographer and historian portrays Josephine in a negative light. My own research — and consultations with historians — led me to different conclusions.”

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4 comments on “JOSEPHINE B. TRILOGY

  1. One of my favourite series. I recently visited Paris and couldn´t help but think of Josephine. Sandra Gulland has recently written a book about Hortense de Beauharnais, Josephine’s daughter, called The Game of Hope. She puts so much interesting detail in her books.

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