The things we take for granted

“I can relate with your excitement as a child when you and the rest of your family moved to Edmonton—and my goodness, your story gave me a good laugh,” Uzo writes. (I was 9 when we moved and I had told Uzo that I was so fascinated with the flush toilet that I got up several times to use it until my mother finally told me to get back to bed and stay there.)

“The day I left Mambilla plateau,” he adds, “I was so eager to browse the Internet, to watch TV, and to enjoy other modern conveniences. That night in Jalingo, the capital of Taraba, I couldn’t sleep; even as an adult, I was so excited about just everything. Everything looked new. I remember I did stare at the bulb in my room from time to time, praying it stayed that way—that it continued to shine its yellow light (the country’s electricity generation has barely improved since then).”

How lucky we are to have power we can count on.


8 comments on “The things we take for granted

  1. We do take a lot for granted. I used to love visiting my grandparents in Medicine Hat because they had running water, an indoor toilet and electricity. We didn´t have luxuries like electricity on the farm until I turned ten. I had to move to the city myself at age 17 to finally get an indoor toilet! Now I complain if I have to share a bathroom with my husband.

    • Your experience mirrors mine! People talk about the good old days, but I’ll take modern conveniences (and modern medicine) anytime.

  2. And yet one has to pay his (monthly) electricity bill or risk being cut off.

    We pray for a time when we will be able to enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

    I concur. These amenities make life easier.

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