It’s the rainy season. How can you tell?

1. You lose your Internet connection and satellite TV at 8:42 pm.

2. Your pool is over full and has to be drained every morning.



3. You have to skim off all the bugs before your morning swim.

4. The tiles that were clean yesterday have acquired dirt – washed down from the air?



5. You have to wend your way through puddles in the streets on your way to breakfast.


6. Insects, frogs, and crabs proliferate and the cats seek refuge on your bed.

7. On the plus side the humidity is so high your wrinkles dissapper. If only you could bottle this stuff.


7 comments on “It’s the rainy season. How can you tell?

  1. You must be in Mexico. It has been very hot here in Spain with no rain for months. It finally rained two days ago for an hour or so. The humidity went through the roof after that! Wrinkles disappeared for awhile. The next day we were visited by a hot dry wind from Africa. Wrinkles showed up again and everything inside and out, is now covered in a red dust. There is no winning!

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