The winter that won’t quit

Back in February, I moaned and complained about the snow when we should have been enjoying the cherry blossoms.

Well, the cherry blossoms still aren’t here and I’m not the only one impatiently waiting for spring to chase away the dark and dreary days.



“Care to go for a swim?”

“No thanks. The water’s much too cold.”


11 comments on “The winter that won’t quit

  1. I just Skyped with my daughter who lives on Mudge Island and she is running out of firewood. We joked about which piece of furniture would go first if it doesn´t warm up soon. I can say I am glad to be in Spain where we are enjoying 20 plus weather.

    • Burning the furniture might not be a joke. It does seem to be warmer today so fingers are crossed for spring. My daughter and granddaughter went to Mexico today. I think we should have gone with them.

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