Off to the pumpkin patch we go

Victoria has it all. Flowers, boats, owls (see below) … and a pumpkin patch. Of course we have to take the munchkin so she can pick her own pumpkin.





My last post was a picture of an owl in downtown Victoria. There are many myths about owls. Here’s what my friend in Nigeria had to say.

Well, some people — my dad’s mother included — believe that the sudden appearance of an owl anywhere near a person’s home is a sign of bad luck or impending doom. Not everyone gets to see the sign. As for my grandma, she believed occultists/those who practiced juju used these birds as a travel medium to see their enemies or hunt their victims.

And, after tomorrow, we turn our attention to Christmas.


8 comments on “Off to the pumpkin patch we go

  1. I have a wonderful picture somewhere of my husband, Richard emerging from a building with a large and beautiful owl held by its wing. It was taken in either Zimbabwe or Botswana; I must look it out and confirm which country. We had called in at some remote lodge and whilst there asked to use the toilet. The staff on the desk said we could but no one could go in there as there was a ghost in it at the moment. Richard went bravely forward ( from necessity as well as curiosity) – and there on the window-sill behind the tollet was a large owl. It had been there for several days. No one knew how it had got in but dare not move it as there was the firm belief that it was the spirit of someone not ‘at rest’. The owl proved quite docile for a large bird, maybe through fright and exhaustion but immediately took flight once free!

  2. Little beauty sure had a good time 🙂

    I wonder if I told you that bats are also another set of birds that inspire similiar beliefs among some people in my locality.

  3. I love those wonderful pumpkin patches in BC. I hadn´t heard that about owls before. An owl flew into the windscreen of a city bus in Tsawwassen once and almost caused a bad accident. That was not a good omen!

  4. I have a friend whose daughter was killed in an automobile accident when she was 21. Whenever my friend would go to her backyard in the years soon after her death to pray, an owl would always appear and fly out of the trees over her head. It didn’t matter what time of day it was. She was comforted by this sign that her daughter had heard her prayers.

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