Could reincarnation be real?


I believe in reincarnation. How else to explain that sense of déjà-vu? How else to explain the dreams of childhood that came each and every night like never ending reruns of some television show? How else to explain the meeting of those dreams in reality years later?

As a child I had recurring dreams, some scary, some reassuring, all puzzling for they were of places beyond my farm yard experience. Rooms with wooden slatted doors: I’d never seen one of those in real life. Vast high roofed buildings with wide open staircases; we surely had none of those on the farm.

When I encountered the doors as an adult, when I climbed that stairway in the new airport as a teen, I knew I had lived before. Nothing else could explain the clarity of the dream, the exact match of that dream image to reality.


13 comments on “Could reincarnation be real?

  1. My ancestors believed in reincarnation. I think I do, too. A person in his reincarnated body may not look exactly like what he was in his former life–may even return in the body of a female. To me, that’s not big mystery. The big mystery lies in the motive. Why has such an individual returned?

    Yes, I’ve also had moments when I thought I’d either been to a place or done certain things before.

    • Uzo, this is fascinating. Your question about why an individual would return in intriguing. Did they do something they have to atone for? Did they live such good lives they need to do more good? The possibilities are endless.

  2. I definitely believe. I don’t have anything happen as distinct as you but I sense eras where I might have existed before. An older writer friend of mine (he’s passed on now) used to stare at me sometimes with a wild look in his eyes as if in a trance. When he focused again, he told me he was transported to another time and place where we were married. He thought it was around 1910 or so and he could see me at that time very clearly. I believe him and I also believe we’ll meet again.

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