Bring the Azer Children Home






Yesterday, my family and I traveled to Vancouver to attend a vigil for the four Azer children who were abducted by their father and illegally taken from Canada in August of 2015. Their mother, Alison Azer, searched desperately and located them in Northern Iraq. They are now in Iran.

I cannot fathom her pain and anguish as her battle to have them returned to Canada continues.

Today, Mother’s Day, must be unbearable for her. My heart goes out to Alison and my greatest wish is that she be reunited with her children long before another Mother’s Day comes to pass.

For those of us lucky enough to celebrate with our mother’s and our children today, let us truly understand what we have. As Alison said so eloquently—”appreciate every little moment.”

For more information:

National Post April 28, 2016


CHEK News April 28, 2016

Azer children located in Iran but remain with father


4 comments on “Bring the Azer Children Home

    • Darlene, it’s so dreadful. I don’t know how she keeps going. I spoke with her parents yesterday and her mother said, “Each morning, we get up thinking maybe today will be the day.”

  1. Such a heartbreaking story, Darlene. Thanks for bringing attention to it. Hope is a precious thing, and my hope for them is that they remain that way until the situation is resolved.

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