HELP! I have a major dilemma


Your response is vital information for authors. We strive mightily to market our books, but are restricted in our efforts by vendors who insist we place our novels in categories and genres.

For example, I struggle to pick a genre for my Em and Yves series. People ask me about EMBATTLED, book one in the series.

Is it?

Science fiction?  Sure. Aliens from other planets are involved, but it’s not hard-core technical sci-fi and it’s set mostly on Earth.

Paranormal Romance?  Would seem so. There is a love triangle between an alien, a human, and her human lover.

Contemporary?  Definitely.  Lots of world events as the alien tries to make Earth a better place.

Mainstream? For sure. Lots of world issues—enough to capture the interest of many readers.

Urban Fantasy? Fits the definition. Urban setting with supernatural or magical elements.

Adventure? You bet. Jujitsu training, hand to hand combat, war, soldiers, terrorists….

Now, how do I roll all of that into one genre? What would your advice be?



6 comments on “HELP! I have a major dilemma

  1. it sounds like a mainstream, contemporary urban fantasy science fiction novel with overtones of paranormal romance and lots of adventure. I hate when you have to categorize your book. I guess I am no help!

  2. If I had to choose a category, I would say urban fantasy comes the closest, but what I like about it is that it’s almost a story that is contemporary women’s lit with only a small element of the fantasy factor. I’m not a fantasy fan, but you’ve done a great job of making even the fantasy part feel real.

  3. I would say go to the category that is most popular. Check the category on Amazon. I’m not an expert on this, but you have a variety from which to choose. My gut tells me it might be urban fantasy, which would be a very popular genre.

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