10 tips for readers


There are many articles about writing and many lists of writing tips for the novice authors. Pretty much every well-known author has such a list attributed to him or her.

But how often do we come across a “Tips for Readers” list? I have never seen one so, as an avid reader, I’ve decided to do one of my own.

  1. Buy an e-reader. My personal favorite is the Paperwhite, but they all have their good points, so take your pick and carry your library with you.
  1. Take it everywhere you go. You never know when there’ll be a moment or two to dive into a book.
  1. If you can, have a reading app on your phone as well, just in case your e-reader runs out of charge.
  1. Have several book samples on your e-reader to avoid the risk of having nothing to read and being reduced to biting your nails.
  1. Stand up, stretch your legs, and arch your back from time to time. You certainly can’t let pain distract you.
  1. When you don’t want to engage in meaningless chitchat with the stranger beside you, hide behind your e-reader. You might even have to do this from time to time with people you know and like.
  1. Pause for a moment, close your eyes. Let them rest while you ponder the wisdom/wit/humor/deep thought of the novel you’re currently reading.
  1. When people ask what you’re reading lie and say, War and Peace, and then go back to the heaving bosoms and throbbing members.
  1. If you don’t like the book you’re reading, delete it and move on.
  1. Don’t read and drive!




10 comments on “10 tips for readers

  1. Tip #10 is good. I remember having a long drive ahead of me and thinking what a waste of time. If only I could read a book while I was driving. Then I’d shake my head and laugh at myself. But nowadays we have people reading their messages (and even writing some) all the time while they’re driving (usually just before they crash).
    But for readers, these are great tips.

  2. Number 9 is the one I have to work on. I seem to have this compulsion to finish every book I start – regardless of how painful the process. There are so many, many wonderful books out there but forcing myself to read the duds that slip in is ruining the enjoyment I used to gain from reading. So – I plan to try much harder to heed #9. Thanks for the reminder.

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