What are they? Why are they kept?

The things we’re embarrassed about, the things we’re ashamed of, the things we’re afraid of, the things we hold most dear—these are perhaps our most guarded secrets. Do we ever share them? And if so, with whom?

We have to trust to share our secrets. We know how people gossip, how perilous our secret might be if shared with the wrong person. This prompts us to stay away from family and friends; to share instead with the stranger sitting beside us on the plane, the one we meet in passing, sitting like us, alone in the restaurant. They don’t know us. They will likely forget our story moments after having heard it as it has no significance for them. Or they may remember it as unique and retell it; with no harm to us as we are the stranger they will never see again.

Some secrets are cherished and nourish our souls. Some carry a heavy burden. Some, we eventually reveal, others we carry to the grave.

Are secrets more prevalent in this time of constant bombardment via our modern technology? Because our lives are so busy, often with little time for introspection, or daydreaming, or sitting alone in silence, do we keep some things to ourselves just to have a “life” of our own, to have a bit of privacy, a sense of mystery. “Ah, ha! Here’s something you don’t know about me.”

I was once asked, “Why all the secrets in your book? What is the significance to your life?

The question gave me pause, made me think. I came to the conclusion that I like the idea of secrets because, as a working mother and a teacher/principal, my life was always so full of people. I loved that and I loved my job, but a bit of me wished for more—I wanted the mystery, the “ah, ha” feeling that I referred to above.

Do I have secrets? Yes. Will I carry some of them to the grave? Yes.

And you?



7 comments on “Secrets

  1. Yes, of course. And you’re so right – we don’t tell them to people we know well – probably because of being afraid of losing esteem in their eyes. Also, you have to consider if you tell a friend a secret, what might happen if someday they are no longer your friend. Will they use it against you?

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