All in one block – this is Mexico


The streets in small town Mexico are full of surprises. Walking along this block searching for the glass cutting place, we found in order:

  • A real estate office adorned with a Christmas tree and wreaths of holly,
  • A beer store – these adorn most every street,
  • A small hardware store – awesome as we need some silicone to reseal the electrical outlet in the kitchen,
  • A coffin store, yes, you read that correctly.  I thought the blue ones were particularly pretty,
  • IMG_20151229_085547101_HDR[1]
  • The glass and mirror shop. We stopped, placed our order and then proceeded to find somewhere for refreshments while we waited for our glass to be cut,
  • A wrought iron gate through which we could see laundry spread to dry on the bushes and a charming house set at the back of the lot,
  • A small hair salon which must have had air conditioning because the glass doors were kept closed,
  • A plumbing supply store. This was good as we needed a new toilet seat ,
  • A paint store. Again good we needed some spray paint for our gate,
  • What appeared to be an empty spot, but, from the smell we quickly realized we were passing  a fish vendor,
  • Next we peered through a narrow doorway, and at the end of a long hallway we spotted an enchanting courtyard,
  • And, at the end of the block, we found a loncheria where we bought a bottle of Fresca to share before we headed back to the glass shop.



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