Winter in Victoria

With apologies to my Alberta friends (and anyone else living in snowy climes). Sorry guys, but this is how it is. And yes, we love living here.



16 comments on “Winter in Victoria

  1. If you cannot be with the one you love than love the one you are with.
    We are loving our Winter City, Edmonton. Not only do we have great summer festivals now winter festivals are becoming the norm. Last week they were Line Dancing in front of city hall for Rodeo Week. This weekend they were out there in droves for the lighting the Huge Xmas tree. Outdoor events are popping up more and more. We dress for the weather and get out and have fun.

    • Rita, you would have fun wherever you were!!! It’s nice to hear about the outdoor activities. We went to the New Year’s Eve downtown when we still lived there – as you said dressed warm (and froze) but the fireworks were lovely.

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