A bit of time travel

point ellice house


Since moving to Victoria, we’ve been exploring our new city and recently discovered yet another treasure – Point Ellice House. This National Heritage Site, overlooking the waters of Victoria’s scenic Gorge Waterway, exudes the peace and charm of a former time.

Peter and Caroline O’Reilly moved into the Point Ellice House in time for the birth of their daughter Kathleen December 31. 1867.  The house remained in the family’s possession for 108 years.

What makes this “museum” truly unique is that in 1975, three generations later, O’Reilly’s grandson, John, and his wife, Inez, sold the house and all its contents to the Province of British Columbia. The family left behind everything – furniture, clothing, toys, tea services, a harp, writing desks, board games, kitchen utensils, and more  – giving us a rare opportunity to see one of North America’s largest collections of Victoriana in its original Victorian home.

On seeing the parlor, my granddaughter said, “This must be the playroom!” Chess set, piano, harp, toys, tea sets … definitely the playroom.

Ellice parlour






10 comments on “A bit of time travel

  1. Yes indeed you are. One of my favorite places was a restaurant built into the side of a fjord, north of Victoria before you get to Swartz Bay. It had a balcony that set you right out seemingly “in the air.” And you were surrounded by bird song, greenery and sweet fresh air. Never forgot it. Enjoy your beautiful island.

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