We’ve been recycling for a long time and the city we now live in promotes recycling. We go down with one tiny bag of garbage and several big bags for recycling of paper, bottles, glass, hard plastic containers, milk cartons, soft plastic, foil lined bags, and returnables such as beer cans and wine bottles.

We have a special container and bags that decompose for organic items which will be used for soil enrichment.

All pretty typical, until we ran across this when out exploring one day. Recycling at its best for the Food Truck Festival which runs all year at the Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC. IMG_20150518_103516560




And, yes, the food is delicious.




3 comments on “Recycling

  1. When we moved to BC 25 years ago, we were impressed with the recycling program in Delta. Their is an effort here in Spain to recycle but not as organized or as thorough as in BC. I walk a few blocks with bags of recycling to deposit in bins scattered around our area. That´s Ok. I need the exercise.

  2. It takes years of education and awareness advertising before change happens. I remember the anti-litter campaigns and am so thankful that the message is finally getting through. I think the recycling awareness is growing and soon everyone will be doing it.

  3. Well, the streets are certainly a lot cleaner now than they used to be. The property developers/managers for our building reduced land-fill for all of their company by 46% last year. They are aiming for 62% this year. We’re happy to do what we can to help.

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