Making space



The exit from our parking garage is blocked by the construction hoist you see in the picture above. The workmen are repairing the pedway above.

We’ve been advised in advance that this would be happening and that, if we had to exit in our vehicles it would take a little longer while the workers moved the hoist.

We pull out of the garage slowly and see that we could almost make it between the hoist and the box of a small truck that is parked to the left of the driveway. The workmen see us. The one on the ground has a lengthy discussion with the four perched on the top of the hoist. The men lower the hoist and hop off.

We expect them to maneuver the  hoist slightly to the right. Instead all five men go over to the half-ton truck, lift up the back end, and shift it over about eight inches. I scramble for my phone to take a picture, but I’m too late.

We laugh and wave as all five stand in front of us and gesture for us to move forward. We crawl through with an inch or two to spare on each side, wave a cheery goodbye and we’re on our way.

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