Snowstorm in New York

car ny


They’re on holidays in New York for Christmas and to see in the New Year. They’re lucky enough to be staying with friends in Brooklyn and even luckier to have a hostess who is a travel writer.

Each morning she asks, “Where would you like to go today?”

“The Lower East Side.”

“Perfect. Be sure to see the Tenement Museum now that you’ve already been to Ellis Island, and then go to …”

And then the snow comes—the worst storm in fifty years. They’re from Edmonton, one of Canada’s northern cities. A little snow isn’t going to stop them.

They head to the subway, step off the curb and are instantly ankle deep in the water that’s hidden under the snow, feet soaked and cold. Not to worry. They have extra socks in their bag having followed the advice of their hostess.

They help push cars out of snowbanks. They help little old ladies clamber over the huge piles of snow deposited by the plows at the side of the road. At home this would be frustrating, but on holiday in New York it’s an adventure.

They wait at the bus stop to go to their next destination. He looks pointedly at his watch as the bus pulls up. The door opens. “Aren’t you late?” he asks.

The driver, a huge imposing black man, scowls as he rises from his seat. He is not amused.

“Hey,” he says. “I drive in northern Canada.”

The driver’s ire melts away. He grins and offers a high five as they board.


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