Dental Artistry



“Hi, Kathy here.”

Now why would my dentist be calling me at work in the middle of the day?

“Your hubby wants a gold filling? Is that okay?”

A gold filling!? I cringe. “Is it a front tooth?”


“Well … okay, then.”

Later I hear the rest of the story. He wanted a skull and crossbones, but where to find an image for the technician? Apparently, that was a problem easily solved. He, with his bib and she in her dental coat went out to the parking lot. He started his bike.

“Rev it. I need more heat,” she said.

He revved it and she placed dental mold material over the skull and crossbones on the tail pipe of his bike to get the impression she needed.

A few weeks later the crown is ready. The technician delivers it in person. He wants to see his handiwork installed. They’re like kids with a new toy and mighty pleased with themselves.

Thankfully, this is all on a back tooth, and doesn’t show up too much when he smiles.


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