It’s the Volvo’s Fault



They’ve just bought their first house and have driven out of town to celebrate with family. It’s late for a work night—almost midnight—by the time they start the drive home, but they’re too wired to sleep anyway.

Theirs is the only vehicle on the highway and they’re purring along chatting about painting and decorating their new home. They make a mental list of the furniture they’ll need for the house is bigger than their apartment.

At one point, she looks over to him and says, “What’s that red light out your window?”

He groans. “A police car.”

He slows, pulls over to the side of the road, flips on the four ways, and rolls down his window.

The police officer glares as he takes the license and registration. “Going kinda fast there, eh?”

“Sorry, sir.”

The officer laughs. “I’ve been following you for three miles, waiting for you to slow down.”

“New car,” he says. “I didn’t realize how fast I was going.”

“Yeah,” the officer grins as he tears off the ticket and hands it over. “These Volvos do purr along. But, do yourself a favor. Slow down.”

He solemnly promises and they drive the rest of the way at the speed limit, with the officer not far behind.








5 comments on “It’s the Volvo’s Fault

  1. The speed? Ha! Blame it on the new car *laughs*

    I love to see new ‘old model’ cars either in shops on or the road. I’d like to have an old model Jaguar someday – for the fun.

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