Pecking Order



The assistant principal has been asked to give a “talk” to the grade seven class. The teacher is concerned about how they are mistreating each other.

He goes out to their portable, glowers at the students and says,

“Every morning I sit at the table and watch the birds in the tree out the window. They have what’s called a pecking order and I see the bigger ones peck at the smaller ones. I see the smaller ones going without food and shivering in the cold. They’re bullies, those bigger birds pecking away at the weaker ones. Your teacher tells me that’s what’s happening in this class.”

He pauses to glower again. Students squirm in their seats and avoid his gaze.

“Some of you …,” he shakes his finger at them. “Some of you are being mean and bullying your classmates. You’re young men and women, not birds. The pecking has to stop. If it doesn’t, I’ll be dealing with you. Remember, I’m the biggest pecker here.”

We could hear the ensuing laughter throughout the building.



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