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Twice a year Malcolm Macartney flies to the beach town of Guayabitos. Does he go to laze in the sun? To sip margaritas?  Nope. He goes to spend long hours bent over makeshift operating tables.

Malcolm and veterinary technicians from McKenzie Veterinary Services and other vet clinics in BC, participate in free spay and neuter clinics in the Jaltemaba Bay area in Nayarit, Mexico.

At the conclusion of every clinic they bring back for adoption in Canada, anywhere from 6 to 14 small to medium sized dogs. Some of these dogs have special veterinary care requirements for medical problems or surgeries that can be better performed at McKenzie Veterinary Services before they are well enough to be adopted. The Mexi-Can Vet Project adoption fees collected for each dog are passed onto JBAR—Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue—to maintain their animal shelter in that area.

And here the dogs are now, living the good life in Canada—partying at the Mexi-Can Vet Project reunion party in Victoria. A party complete with a piñata containing candy for the kids and milk bones for the dogs.

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7 comments on “Look at them now!

  1. Just plain beautiful. Those who go down to help our four-legged friends, and those who let us know about such fine and selfless work.

    • Christina, Malcolm and all those involved are wonderful. My daughter did the school visits to educate the kids about pet care. One day she saw a young boy with a puppy on a leash, treating the dog very well. She asked who taught him to take such good care of his puppy. He said, “You did!” So every little bit helps.

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