A Glimpse of Egypt














Egypt 047

Egypt 015

Egypt 034

Egypt 019

Egypt 022


13 comments on “A Glimpse of Egypt

  1. It’s one of those places you want to visit right from the time you studied Egypt in elementary school and it lives up to every expectation. We had a guide who was retired from the Egyptian Antiquities department. It was like taking a university course. We learned so much.

    • Yes, it is the Nile. We went on a cruise and also for a felucca ride. Both were lovely. One thing that impressed me was the definite edge between the Nile valley and the desert. It was not a gradual change from green to sand, but rather an abrupt demarcation like someone had drawn a line to separate the two.

  2. Love the pictures! What a marvelous trip you had! I lived in Egypt as a child (from age 7 to 10 – in Cairo, we used to go to Alexandria in summer and also Cyprus) I loved it and have te best of memories of that time and place…

  3. Very nice. Technical question – did you scan all these photos or were they taken with a digital camera? I find the task of scanning all my photos from my travels daunting.

    • I took these with a small Canon digital camera. I wrote about my baby camera in my Photo Fanatics blog post – everyone else had HUGE cameras with about a million zoom capacity.

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