Never leave home without your …


Machete – yes, that is a machete attached to the bike — wrapped in cardboard.



9 comments on “Never leave home without your …

  1. I was asked why people would carry machetes on their bikes. My answer:
    Machetes are the universal tool here (Mexico) – for gardening, chopping weeds, etc etc etc. Most men carry one always as they never know when they might pick up some work and thus a little cash. When we had our sod delivered for the back yard we discovered that it was cut by hand using machetes not with a machine as it would be cut at home.

  2. Interesting. This photo reminds me of our modern-day palm wine tappers. They ride their bicycles into thick bushes or forests, where sweet palm wine is mostly located. Ah! You need to see them use their machetes while climbing up these palm trees. Or have you?

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