Nothing has changed? Ha!

Seven months and nothing has changed? Ha! While we’ve been away the empty lot next door has sprouted a few weeds. They climb our walls with their destructive power. Left alone, they will eventually cause the walls to crumble.


A few hours after the man and his machete arrive, the lot looks like this. We still have to pull down the creepers peeking over the top of the wall.


Off to the market we go for new clothes pegs to replace the ones the sun has eaten.


And we paint and we paint and we paint because the sun and rain and moisture trapped in the cement walls have done this to our building.



No, we don’t miss the cold and snow and icy roads. Yes, we love the sand and sun, but tropical climates have their own harshness. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


4 comments on “Nothing has changed? Ha!

  1. Repainting a weather-beaten house can be a tough job. You have flakes coming off here and there and at the same time you are trying to ensure that the painting is a neat one.

    Good to learn you are almost through.

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