Clothes do make the man–or woman.


There’s a ritual to working out. You find a gym you like, buy the right clothes and, most importantly, the right footwear. You try different classes to see which workout is for you—aerobics, step, spinning, strength…. You also learn the instructors’ styles and find there are some you like more than others.

You work full time so you pick late afternoon and weekend mornings for your workouts. With time, you get to know your fellow workouters and the instructors. In the right gym, you joke and tease and laugh a lot.

Then early one morning at work, your boss comes along and says he’s brought the rep from the company that’s going to install a new file room. This is good news as the file room is over-stuffed and generally a mess. You turn to greet the smartly dressed young lady. It’s your favorite workout instructor.

“Hi, D!” you say.

“Hi,” she says. And just as your boss is taking a sip of his coffee, she adds, “I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.”

Coffee spews out of your boss’s mouth and nose. You and your instructor laugh, but no, you do not try to explain.


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