Travel Confessions


Anneli at wordsfromanneli has tagged me in her blog post, Travel Confessions.

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The rules in the Travel Confessions series:

  • Post a photo (or photos) and description(s) of your confession(s) in a new post.
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  • Tag 3 other travelers you’d love to see

My travel confessions?

#1 My mother always said to put all the clothes you think you’ll need for the trip on your bed. Then put half of them back in the closet and pack the rest. I’m pretty good at following that rule, but I invariably take one or two pieces that are not appropriate for my destination.

#2 I’m going to have to stop travelling because my souvenirs have gotten to be too expensive. I used to buy t-shirts and trinkets. On the last three trips (Egypt, Hong Kong, Australia) I bought diamonds and on safari I managed to find a tanzanite. Go figure.

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#3 My mother also said to take twice as much money as you think you’ll need and I do, but no matter how much money I take, I’m down to my last few pesos, lira, pesatas, euros, or dollars on the last day of my trip. And that’s after visiting the ATM. This puts me into embarrassing situations. I’m sometimes reduced to begging for loans from travel companions just to tip the taxi driver. More than once, I’ve been appreciative of the airline food as I fly home.

For the last part of my Travel Confession “duties,” I’d like to tag three other bloggers and invite them to participate in this fun and easy blog exercise.

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13 comments on “Travel Confessions

  1. #3 is a very important rule. Unfortunately, it has never worked for me. On one of these trips I’d very little money left that I ended up doing some work to raise my transport fare.

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