Semana Santa (Easter) – Mexico – beyond the resort areas

During Semana Santa – Easter Week – little beach towns in Mexico are inundated with tourists. A town of 3,000 can suddenly swell to 40,000. If 200 bus loads of tourists arrive for Christmas, expect 400 for Easter.

Here are a few pictures to show the changes in Guayabitos from “normal” times to Semana Santa.

The kids walk to the corner for tacos de birria.

photo (19)

The same street during Semana Santa.


Buenos Dias. Uno jugo de naranja, por favor.

photo (20)

Can you still see our juice man? He is back there, honest.


Vendors squeeze into every nook and cranny, and into every spare centimeter of  sidewalk or curb  selling trinkets, fried plantain, pastries, beach essentials, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. In the driveway behind the first stand, the young entrepreneur has set up tables with colorful cloths.



Empty lots are perfect for parking, camping, or setting up make-shift stores.


Musicians gather. I leave it to you to imagine the cacophony of music, buses, cars, loudspeakers, etc.


Traffic jams arise. Yes, the garbage smells foul.


And the beach goes from this …

photo (18)

to this …

Beach 2

and this!!!!



6 comments on “Semana Santa (Easter) – Mexico – beyond the resort areas

  1. Great slide show, Darlene (I admire the way you put in little stories for each pic). Indeed the beach swelled for just a few faces to people under canopies. I can only imagine the mess afterwards. Thanks for the Easter wishes and I want to wish you the same. Please how much do you know about Palomas?

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