The Horse is a Hero

They find him by chance. “They” are people in La Peñita out for an afternoon horseback ride. “He” is all skin and bone, a four-year-old who looks more like a yearling stranded in a field of maguey with no food or water. They name him Chance.

Chance 2

They load him into the trailer and take him to their stables. He’s lying down when they get there and they have to drag him out of the trailer, and help him to stand. A horse sling would be ideal, but there are none to be had.


The vet comes with intravenous, vitamins, and sweet feed. Volunteers massage his muscles. Eventually he stands and walks on his own. Despite the loving and tender care, Chance dies a few days later.

But the story of Chance is not to be forgotten for when he was found, he accepted the kind attention of his rescuers and then turned and walked away. Mystified, they followed him to find five more starving horses they hadn’t seen. The rescuers took all the horses with them.

Chance’s buddies are eating and gaining weight. They’ve been bathed and groomed and are starting to act like horses. When they are healthy, they will be participants in an education program for children in the area. And so, Chance will not be forgotten.


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10 comments on “The Horse is a Hero

  1. And even worse when it’s children going hungry. A young boy (11) comes to the stables every day and helps with the horses. He doesn’t go to school. We’re assuming it’s because his parents are too poor to buy the uniforms etc.

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