Taking Over the World


Who’s taking over the world? These little critters, that’s who. At first glance, they look like a smudge of dirt on your kitchen counter, table, or patio. Closer examination proves that the smudge is a cluster of tiny ants.

Leave a drop of juice in the sink or a crumb on the counter and within seconds they swarm to attack. Leave an empty and carefully washed cookie tin out and find it full of ants the next morning. Wipe the counter clean, turn around and they’re back.

Open the package of candy to fill the Christmas stockings and find that the ants have invaded. Good thing the chocolates are individually wrapped. But what if the ants got in? Better test one. Ant free, but now it’s open, the chocolate has to be eaten. Mm, good. Maybe more should be tested. Two, three, four, five are all ant free. Okay to fill the stockings now.

There’s no identifying the ants’  point of entry and no chance of eliminating them. Fumigating the property line prevents entry of cockroaches, scorpions, tarantulas, and an assortment of other critters, but the ants are still here. Watch as they scurry across the driveway, run in circles on the road, slide gleefully down the wall.

Out on the patio they swarm a larger insect and herd it in the direction they want it to go, presumably to their dining hall.

As the song says, “The ants go marching …”


2 comments on “Taking Over the World

  1. No one escapes the plague of ants except maybe the far north. Hey! Maybe you can freeze them out. Put ice cubes everywhere. (Guess that wouldn’t last long in Mexico.) If you need help testing the chocolates, let me know.

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