At the end of our safari, we’re at the airport in Arusha, Tanzania, waiting for our flight back to Nairobi.

Box lunches have been provided by one of the hotels. We’ve got a couple of pieces of roasted chicken,                                                               a hard-boiled egg,                                                                                    a bun, 

a couple of pieces of fruit,   

and a dessert  

—much more than each of us can eat.

Our group leader comes around as we’re finishing our meal and asks for contributions. She heads to the Air Kenya counter with a full box of our leftovers.

A few minutes later she comes back to report that the two airline employees were thrilled with the food and asks if we have more. We do. Off she goes once more to the check-in counter.

This time, when she returns, she tells us eight employees were waiting to share our donation.

A young girl employed in one of the little souvenir kiosks watches us and shyly asks, “Can I have some too?”

We scrounge the last bits for her.

Later we learn that in Kenya, it is illegal to throw away food.


6 comments on “Leftovers

  1. Oh yeah. I lived in Mali for a while and often I think of how little they have and yet I’m back into the trap of our culture – the “I need this” trap when really I don’t need it at all.

  2. I was shocked by a TV report that I heard recently about how much food is thrown away in the United States. It’s really sad to know that even in our own country people are hungry and stores, restaurants, and homes are throwing perfectly good food into the trash.

    • I know! We have so much and we waste so much. I was in London some years ago and learned that some of the restaurants gave leftover food to the street people after the restaurant closed each night. I don’t know if they still do that, but I remember thinking what a good idea that was.

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