To Mexico We Go

“Darn! Where’s my list?” It’s likely to be found somewhere under the pile of papers needed for the trip, or wedged between passports, or even where it’s supposed to be under the paperweight on my desk.

We’ve done this trip so many times you’d think a list would be unnecessary. You’d be wrong. A five-month move from Canada to Mexico requires a whole lot of preparation, some of which can’t be done until the last minute.

  • Cancel car insurance
  • Buy health insurance
  • Dog to vet—five days prior to departure
  • Water off and breakers off
  • Heat turned down
  • Light on timer
  • Etc., etc., etc.

We’ve done this trip so many times you’d think we wouldn’t need suitcases. You’d be wrong. We do leave the “hot weather clothes” in Mexico, but we still seem to pack too much stuff and every year we have at least one suitcase that is overweight and no matter how well we pack, something always spills.

  • Some clothes that go back and forth
  • Laptops, Kindle, cords and chargers
  • Prescriptions
  • Tins of Christmas cookies
  • Christmas presents
  • Stuff we can’t get in Mexico (Febreze, Ombrelle)
  • Etc., etc., etc.

We’ve done this trip so many times you’d think the packing would be a breeze. You’d be wrong. At the last minute we remember the eight gingerbread men cookies for the kids next door—our Mexican family. We’ve left space in one of the carryon bags, but they don’t fit. This necessitates a last minute repacking. Hopefully they’ll arrive unbroken.

“Oh, God! My passport! Where is it?” Frantic searching through the first carryon bags we planned to use does not produce the passport. It has to be here somewhere. A mad dash down to the garage and the passport is found in the new carryon case we’re using. Wipe sweat from brow, heave a sigh of relief, put the dog in the back of the truck and off we go, thanks to the kind heart of our next door neighbor and friend who, unlike us, has remained remarkably calm through it all.

Going back to Canada we’ll have suitcases inside of bigger suitcases and yes, we’ll need them all again next year.


6 comments on “To Mexico We Go

  1. No matter how many times to you do this, I think you’ll always go through the “last minute” thing. At least you’re getting to know what you need to bring and what not to bother with. Meanwhile you can enjoy the warm weather and the beach while we grow moss between our toes here at home.

  2. Yes, last minute will always be with us. And I’ll probably always forget something. Remember the time I asked you to bring a garlic press? Too bad you’re not coming again this year. I’m sure there’s something I desperately need you to bring.

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