Writing journey to EMBRACED launch Wed. Oct. 24

A bit about how my books came to be.

1. Was writing a novel harder or easier than you thought it would be?

Laugh! I had this naive idea that I would sit down and write from page one to page 397. Instead the book developed in fits and starts. I’d have an idea, write it, and then try to figure out where it fit best in the story. I played musical chapters too, rearranging the whole story-line. One of the hardest things is to see the errors in your own writing. Things that seem perfectly clear to you can be confounding to a reader.  Thankfully, I have a great writing partner.

2. Did you feel more confident about writing another book?

Oh yes. The technical skills I had developed writing the first book made the writing of books two, three, and four so much easier. Now the challenge is deciding on the storyline—the lack of inspiration that can sometimes stall the story. Before beginning the second book, I started with an outline, something I hadn’t thought I needed the first time round. Mulling over an outline before beginning writing streamlined the process. That’s not to say the outline can’t be revised as you go. I make many changes because the actual writing inspires ideas I hadn’t originally thought of.

3. If your first book does not do as well as you want it to, will that discourage you?

NO! I have a good story line in the four books and I want them all published. Book two and three are published. I’m still writing book four. I think it will be the last of this series, but then I thought I would only write one book. However, the first had an unexpected ending that pretty much demanded I continue the story, so who knows?

4. Putting false modesty aside, what do you like most about your book, and why do you hope people read it?

My books have substance. On the surface—sci-fi/adventure/love story. But they deal with world issues—war, religion, love… They are serious, but with humor too.

To learn more about my books go to: http://www.emandyves.com


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