Poor Schmuck

Before the formal launch of my third book, EMBRACED, I’m taking you back to my second novel, EMPOWERED, with a character interview.

Jasmine thinks she’s invincible and she thinks it’s because powers “out there somewhere” are controlling her. She basing all of this on visions she had as a child, if you can believe? What a nut case, gorgeous, but a nut case, I tell you.

I’m the poor schmuck Jasmine sets her eyes on. Supposedly I’m her soulmate. She thinks we’ve lived before. We’ve only just met and she’s already planning our honeymoon and naming the babies. To make a bad situation worse, she’s got my parents wrapped around her little finger.

I think our author is a hopeless romantic. Gotta give her credit for imagination, though. And she knows a lot about the world—education and conditions in third world countries—so she’s not a total loss. In fact she’s pretty impressive most of the time.

As for the story line … I feel I’m in over my head. I mean, Jasmine is rich. Jasmine is beautiful. And me? I’m just this regular guy trying to do his bit to make one little corner of the world better.

I guess I really don’t mind being a character in a book all that much. I mean what guy wouldn’t trade places with me when he saw Jasmine. And it’s me she wants. Did I mention that she’s a great cook?

The author is pretty closed mouthed about my future, but her little brain is hatching schemes, I’m sure. That’s why I think there is a series in this. And, I damn well better be in the next book. If she’s going to put me through the hell of dealing with Jasmine—the nut case, remember—then I want another kick at the can.

You know, this book would make a good movie. Denzel Washington could play me, but he’s maybe a bit too old. Sidney Poitier in his day … no I’m not that smooth, not that sophisticated. I guess I’ll leave that to the director.


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