The Next Big Thing

Fellow writer Melanie Robertson-King asked me about my next project. I’ve just published EMBRACED so here’s some inside info.

The Next Big Thing

Tell me about your latest work/work in progress in no more than 30 words.

Against all logic, Abby thinks the clickings she hears in her teeth are messages from aliens. She’s right.

Tell me your writing dream.

To finish the last book of the series which is now a work in progress and then to have readers fall in love with my books.

Tell me more about you – where do you live? Tell me about your hobbies and what you do in your spare time when you’re not writing.

I live on Vancouver Island, Canada – one of the nicest spots in the world. I spend winters in Mexico where I love to body board. As a lifelong non-athlete, boarding is something I’ve taken up recently and is a big deal for me. You can read more about it here: and my encounter with a sting ray while boarding here:

I also am blessed to have my granddaughter (3 years) nearby so I get to play with her daily. I work out regularly too. Writing involves too much sitting.

Tell me what you like to watch on television – are you a soap addict or a fan of period dramas for instance?

I don’t watch a lot of TV. I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but nothing recently has captured my attention.

Favourite band/singer – have you seen them in concert?

I’m not a music fan probably because I can’t sing and I prefer quiet to a radio or music.

Favourite genre of fiction and/or favourite novel or author.

I read anything that is well written and interesting to me. My favorite book of all time is an old one by Elizabeth Cadell called Mixed Marriage. I was once asked to list my top 10 favorite books and here they are:


In my novel ‘Knowing Me Knowing You’ Kate and Joel take part in a relationship contest a bit like ‘Mr & Mrs’. I thought it would be fun if you could answer their quick fire questions and readers of the page can make what they will from your answers! Choose one from the following pairs e.g. savoury or sweet based on your gut reaction to the words. Remember its quick fire!

Savoury or Sweet? Sweet – chocolate and more chocolate.

Action or relaxation? Relaxation with a good book.

Up or down? Up – I’m an optimist.

Tea or coffee? Neither – give me water.

Nightclub or wine bar? Wine bar  that serves a good white.

Ferrari or Porsche? Either – they’re both posh.

Truth or dare? Truth. My mom always said to tell the truth.

Gym or bed? Hm. Depends on time of day. Gym in the morning.

Flower or tree? Trees – especially old and unique ones like the baobab in the Sahara,

Hot or cold? Cold – don’t like soups or hot drinks and I’m always turning the heat down.

Bruce Forsyth or Dick Van Dyke? (girls) Martha Stewart or Hilary Clinton (boys)

Van Dyke (yes I remember him) and Clinton.

AND the writers I am tagging are:

Melinda Clayton —

Van Heerling —

David Wisehart —

Susan Ketchen —

I look forward to reading about their latest WIPs and hope you will too!


9 comments on “The Next Big Thing

  1. What I love about the Em series is that each one works as a stand alone. You never feel as if the book is less powerful because of not having read the prequel. Of course, if you want the ultimate enjoyment, you need to read all of them.

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