#1 Man

“You’re the number one man in my life.”

His eyes widen, his mouth drops open. “But… but… What about your husband?”

“Reg, read my lips. You’re the number one man in my life.”

He grins and shakes his head.

Ladies, think about it. You have important people in your life, right?

One of course is your doctor. He (or she) is always there for those urgent health emergencies and if you have a great doctor, he or she is there to provide a shoulder when you are in dire need of sympathy. I know my doctor is high on my list.

Then there is your hair stylist. You can change your clothes daily (or even more than once a day), you can change your makeup, you can diet or put on weight, but you’re stuck with your hair, so … you rely on your stylist to give you that awesome easy-to-care-for cut, the color that complements your skin tone, and hides (or highlights, if you prefer) the gray.

Then there is Reg—your mechanic. He’s the one who keeps those wheels turning—the wheels that get you to work, to your workout, to lunch with your friends, to all those places you must be and must be on time.

“Reg,” I say. “You really are the number one man in my life.” And I hand him a box of Bernard Callebaut chocolates and a wad of cash and drive away happy with the purr of  my tuned-up motor.


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