The True Definition of High Density


Generation Gap?

At one end:


“Yes dear?”

“I need the password for the iPad of Grandpa.” She’s three years old, speaks Spanish, and hasn’t quite yet mastered the apostrophe “s” of English.


“To download this app.”

Grandma takes a peek and sees the munchkin has found a free children’s Christmas app. Not surprising. It’s April, but munchkin has been obsessed with Christmas since December. App downloaded and munchkin is singing Jingle Bells yet again.

At the other end:

“Is that a Kindle?” Grandma asks the lady beside her at the ophthalmologist’s office.

“No, it’s a Blackberry. You know I’m 85 and I didn’t think I would like this, but my grandson gave it to me and I love it.”

“I don’t have a computer,” says the little old lady beside her, but my family gave me a cell phone. I take it with me everywhere. She pulls an iPhone out of her pocket and shows it off proudly.

“My husband has an iPad and loves it,” says Grandma. “It’s nice, but I’m a writer and I need a laptop. I do have a Kindle, though, for reading. It’s great.”

The 85 year old waves her Blackberry tablet in the air. “You know how they’re always talking about High Definition?” she says. I found out what that is. I took a picture of myself with this. Then I looked at it. High Definition is a thousand wrinkles!

We all laugh.

“I erased the picture,” she says.


6 comments on “The True Definition of High Density

  1. My three year old grandson loves to take close-up pictures of my face with my iphone. He shoots, deletes, shoots again, deletes and circles around me to find the right angle. I’m convinced that he is too young to have a commercially influenced view of beauty and instead sees the beauty in a face wrinkled from life and glowing with love for him.
    Great blog Darlene,

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