One Is Not Enough

My name is Yves. I’m a Drone and I’ve been chosen to be a Power. Imagine that. Me, a Power. Nothing like that has ever happened in the Drone world before. We’re just here to serve the Guardians of the Universe.

Of course, when I’m trying to “fix” Earth, I’ll have to use my skills and the special abilities I’ve been given wisely. This is my first assignment and I have so much to learn. But, if I do it right, I could free all Drones, send them back to their homes. Imagine that.

I’ve already chosen my agent. Her name is Em. Why her? Because of her dreams of course. She’s always wanted to do great things. I’ll make her dreams come true. I’ll transport her and give her the ability to speak any language and of course I’ll make sure she can’t be hurt. Maybe with a force field of some sort.

No, she won’t know what’s going on. Yes, that will be hard on her, but she’s strong. She can handle it. Oh my, look at that little speck – so much going on down there. Really, all I have to do is point my finger and we’ll get to work; stop a few wars, get rid of all the weapons…

It’s hard to keep Em in the dark, to keep her two lives (the one as herself and the one with me) separate. She’s such a strong personality, you see, that bits of her real life keep creeping in when she’s working and that threatens her sanity.

Wait a minute, who’s that lump of lard? He wasn’t on my radar at all. What’s he doing? Obsessing over Em? I don’t think so buddy. She’s mine. Mine!

Yes, yes, I know I’m not supposed to get involved emotionally. Of course my boss will be all over me for this, but really Em is so… so special.

All of this would be so much easier if I could go down there myself. Knock a few heads together, tell Em how I feel. How do I feel? A tightening in my chest, a trembling in my knees… so many things I’ve never felt before. On Earth they call it love. It hurts sometimes, this love business. But would I, will I, give Em up?

Oh no, you’re not going to get the answer from me here and now. That would be… What do you call it? A spoiler? Couldn’t do that to my creator. After all, without her, I wouldn’t be here, talking to you, loving Em… You have to read the books to find out. Yes, yes, yes, there are 3 more books. I hope to get to “live happily ever after” with Em. But I worry that my creator, might get carried away. She’s already taken me through emotions I didn’t know existed. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.


9 comments on “One Is Not Enough

  1. I’m not a science fiction fan–at least, I didn’t used to be. Maybe I am now. There is just enough of it in these books that a realist like me can enjoy. It’s like a regular story about people and their relationships and dilemmas, but then that touch of sci-fi magic comes in.Just my speed. No monsters either. Only the magic of “what if” coming alive.

  2. I don’t know if anything or anyone can “fix Earth.” Too many people have this insane need to reproduce, multiple times. Overpopulation will destroy the Earth, perhaps even in my lifetime, and I’m 57.

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