What’s it about?

Little does she know, when writing, that “the book” will take over her life. When finally finished the first novel (although it seems she could revise forever), the author is so attached to her characters that she can’t leave them behind.

And so it continues. Book two morphs into book three and that leads to book four—with the intent for book four to be the “happily ever after” ending, but, never knowing what the characters may demand , the author does not preclude a book five or even six.

What to do with four books lying in wait in “My Documents”? Well, as any author would tell you, they have to be published of course. And so she begins the process; research for a month, find someone to design the cover and  format the manuscript, and choose the venues for the book. Print copies are a  must for her bookshelf and to gift to family, and of course the book must be available for all the eReaders out there.

Book one, in all its various formats, is now ready and waiting for a healthy reading audience. The author moves on to marketing. Twitter friends are a huge help. She finds fellow authors and book bloggers who will post interviews and feature the book on their blogs, and others who will read it and post reviews. The author becomes adept with Hootsuite and Buffer and Goodreads and… The list is long, the hours on the computer longer.

One of the most difficult aspects turns out to be pegging the novel to a genre. The various programs for publishing don’t allow for classification beyond the usual genres. But this novel is cross-genre; a bit of “sci-fi,” some “adventure,” a fight or three for “action,” and a love triangle—that’s the “romance,” right?

The author endures many conversations such as the following as she promotes her book.

“What’s it about?”

“Um… er… it’s…” Who knew defining the work would be harder than writing it? “Well, it’s not a thriller, or a mystery, or a bodice ripping romance.”


“Sort of.”


“No, no.”

“Vampires? Monsters? Paranormal stuff?”


“Well, what’s it about?”

This is when the author frowns, takes a deep breath, and says to  herself, “I have to figure out my genre.”


5 comments on “What’s it about?

  1. Empowered is a love story, yes, but also an action story.Human interactions and relationships in a novel almost invariably involve a love entanglement. It’s what makes the world go ’round. As for your readers – women like action, too; why can’t men also like reading about relationships? (I think they do.) This book has something for everyone.

  2. I agree. “The book” will take over your life. In fact, just one chapter of “The book” will do it. I have about 50 books in the works. Chapter Ones complete in all of them. lol

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