Doing the Shuffle

Almost a year ago I started my blog with an entry about body boarding. As a lifelong non-athlete, I’m proud of my boarding abilities and thankful for the friends who got me into the sport.

But, I have to say they were rather negligent in not warning me of the great dangers one could encounter. No, I don’t mean rogue waves or undertow. I mean marine life. Perhaps, since the water is shallow for a long distance, they didn’t feel a need to say, “Hey, watch out for….”

I enjoy a nice long ride that buries my board in the sand. I pick myself up, dig my board out from under the sand, and rinse it off as I head back into the water. And then it happens. A jolt to my ankle that feels like I’ve been stabbed by a sharp piece of rebar. Why do I think rebar? Might have to do with all the Nissan/rebar battle. The rebar won that time too. (See my post – Spock’s Not Here)

My ankle hurts – a lot – but, I continue into the water searching for the next wave, sure that the pain will ease. After all there were no marks on my ankle so how bad could it be?

Answer: Bad. The pain intensifies to the point of nausea. I tell my friend that we have to go home. We inspect my ankle at the house. Two tiny little marks, but no blood. I take a couple of Advil, but they do nothing to help relieve the pain.

My friend has the presence of mind to check the internet. “Sting ray,” she says. “Place area of injury in hot water, as hot as you can stand. For several hours.”

The Internet is right. Hot water is the only thing that helps to relieve the pain. The Internet is right again. It does take several hours of soaking before I feel that perhaps I won’t throw up afterall.

Do I give up body boarding? I do not! To avoid a repeat of this particular life experience, I shuffle as I walk in the water. You see, it’s simple. Don’t step on a sting ray and he or she won’t fight back.


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