SPCA Special

This picture was taken in Mexico. Tio is behind Sally, the dog you read about in my post The Flying Nun. Tio was 16 1/2 years old when this picture was taken and died shortly after.

Small and skinny and looking forlorn in the back corner of the kennel, how could my husband and kids not adopt her and bring her home from the SPCA?

“They said she was found wandering the streets.”

“No one came to claim her.”

“About 6 months old and well trained.”

“She’s spayed.”

“She was so shy and timid in the kennel. We couldn’t resist.”

Why am I not surprised?

First things first. A bath and then a long cuddle with the newly named Tio wrapped in large towels.

Now for food. We dig out a couple of empty plastic containers and fill them with dog chow and water.

Tio is wonderful, quiet and content to lie near us until supper time, when she commits her first infraction in her new home by putting her front paws on the table. Her nose inches towards our
plates. “No,” we shout. She drops down immediately and hangs her head. She’ll be a good dog we decide.

Later that night, we’re watching TV. Tio paces back and forth in front of us. We ignore her. She leaves the room and comes back with one of the plastic containers in her mouth. We check. The other is full of food so we know she wants more water. We fill it and sure enough, she takes a long drink, returns to the living room and settles at our feet. She’ll definitely be a good dog, we know.

And so she was for 16 years.


3 comments on “SPCA Special

  1. When you have a good pet like that, it’s easy to think of them as part of the family. I think Tio was lucky and so were you; both lucky to have each other.

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