The Scream

You and 199 other principals are sitting in the School Board auditorium waiting for the superintendent to begin his monthly meeting. The babble of voices rises so that you can hardly hear the person sitting next to you and you think that principals aren’t much different than their students.

It’s almost time to start the meeting. The auditorium is tiered with the entrances at stage level. A few stragglers are making their way up the steps to find the remaining seats higher up at the back. A female principal goes past your aisle seat with her purse clutched under her arm. The dangling shoulder strap catches around your neck.

You grab the strap with both hands to prevent being choked as she, unaware of the mishap, continues up the steps. You can easily lift the strap off over your head, or you could… You let out an ear piercing scream. The crowd is instantly silent except for the few people around you who have seen what happened and are laughing heartily.

“Well,” says the superintendent. “We know Jonesy is here.”

When the laughter dies down, he begins the meeting. During his regular “motivational speech” he mentions the fact that good leaders are 80% solid constructive thinkers and doers, but that it’s wise to be at least 20% crazy. How can you possibly let that pass? You let out another ear piercing scream.

“Well,” he says when the laughter again dies down, “we know where 20% of Jonesy is. Now if we could only find the other 80%.”


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